Howqua Hills Hunting

Hunt Description

Hello boys and girls. I’d like to host a hunt to the Howqua hills. I’ve been there multiple times, I’ve seen deer signs all the time, both fresh and old. I can’t guarantee we will get anything, but it is a good time to get out and glean some good information in different time of year, as I’ve never been out in this time of year.

The plan is go to “Running Creek Camping Reserve” site. It is free, from there and on that Friday night we can plan our approach to the hills.

Dates and Times:
Starts: 19/08/2022 5:00 pm

Ends: 21/08/2022 6:00 pm

How to get there:
-37.236923653221815, 146.2292703789995

Get off Mansfield Woods Point Rd
& onto Howqua River Rd till It becomes Steiners Rd and you hit the T section, turn left towards campsite.
I have included the coordinates above just in case. If you paste that into your google maps, it will lead you to that camp site.

What to bring: 
Your excellent sense of humour as it will be a cold couple of days. Bring winter clothes.
If you’re not sure, Chris has an excellent video on what to bring to these trips “Essential Australian Hunting Gear, Equipment & Loadout | #HuntingAustralia“. Otherwise we can discuss this on Facebook.

Target animal:



Australian Capital Territory

Weapon type:



Host name: Hoger A

Hunt date: 19/08/2022

For 1 day

Cost: Free

4 spots available

This is a ‘Host A Hunt’. This hunt/activity is being facilitated by a member from the Hunting Trips Australia Hunting Club community. It is not a professional service, nor is it being ran by Hunting Trips Australia, or considered an official club activity. To learn more about Host A Hunt view our terms and conditions.

Join the adventure, join our hunting club!​ We are diverse and authentic community of likeminded Aussie hunters who care about hunting & the life and fullness it provides. New hunters & veterans we welcome all.

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