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Chris Waters

Chris Waters is a passionate Australian Hunter, hunting educator and communicator. As well as being the creator of Hunting Trips Australia he is also the host of the popular Australian Hunting TV show The Huntsman, & president of The Australian Hunters Club.

Chris created Hunting Trips Australia out of his passion for connecting hunters with the best Australian hunting experiences available, to promote learning and ethical hunting practices. That’s why this website is free for guides to list on, and free for people to use.

If you are a hunter looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Australian hunting experience, want to learn new hunting skills from professional Australian hunters, or are just to hunt new game in new locations you should check out the amazing hunting experiences featured on this website. We have Australia’s best-guided hunts, trophy hunts, training, courses, ranches, hunting properties and safaris, all here from Australia’s most experienced hunters.

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We have some of the best hunting outfitters and guides in the country. If you are serious about being a better hunter you won't find a better place to learn then Hunting Trips Australia.

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Every hunting trip is unique and offers a different experience. Through our website you can search through the best Australian hunting trips our country has to offer to find the one that's right for you.

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You can either spend your entire life trying to find that perfect game trophy, or you can use our website to find a hunting trip that can hand it to you on a platter (no pun intended). Why wait when you can score that big game now?

Why choose Hunting Trips Australia to find your next hunt?

Featuring the most experienced hunting trip providers in Australia.

Learn from the best hunters Australia has to offer. Hunting Trips Australia features the best hunters from around the country, many who have been hunting for over 40+ years. It doesn't matter if your brand new to hunting, or an experienced hunter, there is always something to learn.

It's 100% free to use.

Our goal is to connect eager Australia hunters with the best outfitters and hunting trip providers in the country. We figured what better way to do this then make the platform free to use!

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Through Hunting Trips Australia you'll get access to properties and remote locations you'd never dream of accessing by yourself. If you are serious about hunting in the best spots, bagging the best game we've got you covered.

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If you want to hunt the best game in Australia, you've got to hunt with the best. If doesn't matter if you are looking to bag a once in a lifetime epic trophy or fill your freezer, you'll find the perfect hunting trip to score you the price here.

Australia's best hunting experiences

Hunting as a hobby can be quite an isolating sport, and one that’s difficult to build and gain knowledge in if you don’t have a hunter to mentor you. You can spend years and years spotting out locations, covering country and glassing every square inch of the bush waiting for game to pop up (which you should still do), or you can hook up with a professional hunter and learn that knowledge from the best. Hunting Trips Australia exists for one single purpose, to connect Australian hunters and hunters further abroad with amazing hunting experiences.

Our platform features the best and most experienced hunting trip and tour providers (outfitters) our country has to offer, as well as amazing hunting courses. No where else will you find Australia’s guided hunts, safaris, courses, hunting properties and ranches pulled together in the one place. If you are serious about gaining hunting knowledge, filling the freezer or bagging a huge once in a life trophy then you have to check out the Australian hunting experiences listed on our website. It’s free to use so just get on it and start looking.

One you’ve found your perfect Australian hunting experience you can contact the provider directly through contact form at the bottom of each listing. From there it’s just a matter of organising the details with them, no need to involve us 🙂 our service just focused on giving you access to Australian hunting trips, not arranging the booking.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve probably still got questions about the nitty gritty, and how it all works. That’s ok. Check out our most frequently asked questions below.

We only advertise Australian hunting trip providers, tour guides and outfitters who have an active ABN and operate within Australia.

The most common way users find hunting trips is through our listing page where you can filter hunts based on certain criteria (location, target game, accommodation etc…). We also have a ‘popular hunts’ section of the website on the home page which we will use to feature hunts.

If you are interested in booking an advertising hunt, or even just asking a question you can use the ‘contact’ form on the specific hunt’s listing page. Using this form sends an email directly to the hunting provider, at which point they will contact you back directly and organise the booking. Note, does not facilitate the booking or the handling of payments. Once you reach out to your given hunting trip provider our job is done 🙂

Once you’ve discussed the hunting trips booking details with the provider outside of our platform, you pay them directly. We do not handle any money. It will be up to you to organise all of the conditions of the hunting trip with the provider, including how you pay them, we just provide the initial contact as a advertising service.

Initial contact with hunting trip providers is made via email through the website. Once the initial email has been sent you can communicate with the hunting trip provider however and wherever you would like, phone, email it’s up to you.

Nothing, it’s completely free to view hunting trip listings and make contact with the hunting trip providers.

If you want to cancel a hunting trip you need to directly contact the relevant hunting trip provider you booked through.

Hunting trip terms and conditions are different for each hunt and provider. If you need to discuss a cancelation, change of date or refund  you need to directly contact the hunting trip provider.

Positive or negative, we want to know all about your experiences with hunting trips advertised on our website. Please email all feedback on hunting trips through the form on our Report A Listing page.

Be sure to include the url of the listing you are reporting in the form.

If you’ve found incorrect. misleading or false information on a hunting trip listing advertised on our website we want to know about it. Please email with a description of what you’ve found and why the information is incorrect.

To learn more about what user information we store on the website be sure to check out our privacy policy page.

You can learn more about listing your hunting trips with us by visting this page

You can also learn more about the finer details through our terms and conditions.

Finally, if you are ready to take the next step, you can register with this link

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