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For a small sleepy island Tasmania is jam packed full of amazing wildlife. Seriously, you can’t drive more then 5 minutes without seeing roadkill. Tasmania’s beauty will enchant you, and the Tasmanian hunting tours we have will keep you busy! If you are looking for hunting trips and tours in Tasmania, we’ve got you covered.

3 days
Guided hunts chasing the amazing Cape Barren Geese on one of Tasmania’s most beautiful islands….

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3 days
Rockjaw Tours has exclusive rights to hunt on Vansittart Island a 1500 acre Island ….

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1 day
Guided fallow deer hunts in Tasmania on a private 2000 acre estate. Offering Trophy Hunting, Education Hunts, Meat Hunting, Fly Fishing & Skeet Shooting….

Tasmanian Hunting Outfitters

Be sure that when you are researching hunting trips and tours in the Tasmania that you are aware of Tassie’s hunting laws and firearm regulations. To learn more about these laws you can check out

If you love hunting Fallow deer Tasmania has a fantastic deer hunting season ran through a ballot system opening in December and ending in January each year. If you are lucky enough to get picked in this ballot get access to selective PWS Reserved land during the open season where you can bag fallow stag.

You can learn more about the Tasmania Fallow Deer ballot through this website

10 reserves including some Hydro Tasmania (HT) managed land are available to hunters through the yearly ballot.  These include:

  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area: Lagoon Plain Block
  • Top Marshes Conservation Area
  • Five Mile Pinnacles Conservation Area
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area: Brenton Rivulet block (PWS) and Mother Lord Plains block (HT)
  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area: Parson & Clerk Mountain Block (PWS)
  • Great Lake Conservation Area: Tumbledown Creek block (PWS) and land known as Gunns Marsh surrounding Gunns Lake and Little Lake (HT) (Closed 21 April – 27 July 2020)
  • Tooms Lake Conservation Area (closed 1 July – 28 February)
  • Buxton River Conservation Area (closed 1 July – 28 February)
  • St Pauls Regional Reserve (closed 1 July – 28 February)
  • Castle Cary Regional Reserve (closed 1 July – 28 February)


If you don’t want to risk your luck at the ballot you should be sure to check out our amazing Tassie hunting trip and tour providers above.

If you’re a mad duck hunter you’ll be happy to learn that duck hunting in Tasmania is now permitted in certain areas. These include.

Designated duck hunting areas are:

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