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Hunt Description

Season January until the end of April
Bag Limit – 12 geese per hunter per trip

Cape Barren Geese are one of the unique birds that live around the Furneaux Group, Cape Barren Geese were considered an endangered species only about 40 years ago.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service put in place a breeding program to increase the numbers of geese in the area. The program was so successful that in recent years the numbers of geese have grown to plague proportions and were effecting the livelihood of farmers on Flinders Island.

Culling programs were put in place to control and disperse the number of geese on effected farms.

We also offer hunting under crop protection permits from July through to December.

There are several ways that we hunt geese on the Island under the goose management program. Of a morning we wait for the birds to fly in from roosting areas on the islands to the pasture and crops where they cause the problems with eating grass and fouling water holes. Later in the day the geese are driven with four wheeled motor bikes and the hunters wait behind cover for the geese. Similar to driven pheasant. Of an evening geese are hunted on their way back to the roosting areas.

The number of geese to be culled is set at the end of September the number varies each year normally about 2500 geese are culled to keep the population of geese a viable level the equates to about 12 geese per hunter each weekend.

Trip Length

I normally take bookings for either 3 or 4 nights. 3 night stays are from Friday until Monday. 4 night stays are from Monday until Friday Longer or Shorter trips can be arranged.


Accommodation is a modern comfortable 4 bedroom house, the bedrooms have 2 to 3 single beds each. All linen and towels will be provided. Accommodation is for up to 11 people, we can also cater for larger groups.


Hunters from Victoria fly out of Essendon Airport leaving from the main terminal at Essendon Fields.

Check in at the Sharp Aviation counter in the main terminal.

Hunters from Tasmania fly from Launceston Airport, they leave from the Sharp aviation terminal walking distance north of the main Launceston terminal.

Hunters from other states or overseas may find it easier to travel to Launceston and travel to Flinders Island from there.

Flights from Essendon take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and normally depart at 1.15 pm and arrive on Flinders Island at 2.30pm.

Flights from Launceston take approximately 35 minutes there are up to 3 flights per day from Launceston.

Most of my clients fly with Sharp Airlines they are the only RPT service (Regular Passenger Timetable) that operates to Flinders Island.

Weight Limit

There is a strict weight limit of 21 kilograms person this includes your gun and carry on luggage.

Most people pack to 13 kilograms this allows for goose meat and fish to taken home.

Excess luggage will be charged $6.00 per kilo if they can fit it on the the flight. Most people can pack to this limit with no problem.

Geese Meat

The meat from the geese that are hunted will be boned out and packaged for the hunter to take home, recipes will be supplied for the cooking of your geese.

Export permits are arranged for you bring the goose meat home a lot of hunters get their goose meat made into Salami, Kranski, Cabana and Sausages.

The breast meat is also tasty when marinated and cooked on the BBQ. All goose meat will be chilled and packaged in polystyrene boxes for your trip home.

For hunters wanting their trophies mounted I will skin the birds for them and all permits will be supplied.


I will supply all 12 gauge cartridges. For Cape Barren Geese we will be using 36gram Champion Super GLs in lead shot sizes No 2 and BBs. For Wallaby, Turkeys and Peacocks we use the same cartridges. For Ducks we use Gamebore steel shot Quail we use 28 gram NO 9s lead shot What are the Game seasons on Flinders Island? Cape Barren Goose season is from the first weekend in January until the middle of May. Wild Duck season starts the long weekend in March until the long weekend in June. Brown Quail season starts at the middle of May until the end of June Wallaby, Wild Pig, Turkey and Peacock may be hunted all year around.


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Target animal:

Duck or geese (Waterfowl)

Hunt type:

Meat hunt

Hunting styles available:

Stalking, Hunting from a blind, Hound (Dog) hunting



Firearm/bow rental:


Weapon type:


Language spoken:


Airport transfers:

Yes (included in price)

Railway transfer:



For 3 days

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All meals are provided any person with special dietary requirements please let us know so we can cater for you.

  • Transport
  • Cartridges
  • Permits
  • Airfares
  • Accommodation
  • Snacks & Soft Drinks

All fishing tackle and Bait Polystyrene boxes are provided to transport your geese and fish home in the best possible condition.

Not included:

  • You will need a current gun license. (All other permits and licenses will be arranged for you)
  • For duck hunting you will need a W.I.T (Waterfowl Identification Test) number.
  • You need to bring is your gun (preferably in a gunslips as they are easier to pack in the plane).Hunters with expensive guns can bring them in solid cases as long as they are not full length.
  • Clothing: January / February is the hottest time of the year on Flinders Island but there is still the chance of a shower so a light rain jacket is advisable. March / April is a little cooler so pack a jumper & coat.


Once you have a group together and have found a date that suits your group. Fill out an application form for each hunter and along with $500 deposit per hunter send them to: Chris Rhodes PO Box 29, Whitemark, Flinders Island TAS 7255 Payment via cheque or direct deposit. Bookings made after the 1st of December for the upcoming season are subject to availability of permits and aircraft.
Deposit is non-refundable

Accommodation & Travel

Accommodation description

Accommodation is a modern comfortable 4 bedroom house, the bedrooms have 2 to 3 single beds each. All linen and towels will be provided. Accommodation is for up to 11 people, we can also cater for larger groups.

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(3) It is not uncommon for guides to be booked out 3-6 months in advance. Please keep that in mind when requesting prospective dates.

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