Australian Hunting Events

Find Australia’s best hunting expos, hunting club events, hunting workshops, gun shows and more.

Dive into Thrilling Aussie Hunting Events: Your One-Stop Guide to Local Events

Calling all hunters! Are you yearning to hone your skills and chase adventure across Australia’s diverse landscapes? Hunting Trips Australia curates a comprehensive directory of local events, making it your go-to resource for unearthing competitive tournaments, field trials, and exciting hunts. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or an eager newcomer, we’ll help you find the perfect event to match your passion.

Explore by State:

  • New South Wales: From rugged mountains to coastal plains, discover events catering to deer, pig, and waterfowl enthusiasts.
  • Victoria: Explore vast plains, high country, and dense forests offering thrilling hunts for deer, pigs, and rabbits.
  • Queensland: Delve into tropical rainforests, savannas, and arid outback regions, targeting deer, pigs, and ducks.
  • South Australia: Experience diverse landscapes, from wetlands teeming with waterfowl to arid outback perfect for pig and rabbit hunting.
  • Western Australia: Explore vast deserts, rugged ranges, and stunning coastlines, offering unique opportunities for goat and buffalo hunting.
  • Tasmania: Discover pristine wilderness and its unique hunting traditions, targeting deer, pigs, and rabbits.
  • Northern Territory: Immerse yourself in the vast outback, renowned for buffalo, pig, and duck hunting adventures.
  • Australian Capital Territory: Enjoy accessible hunting grounds near major cities, ideal for honing your skills on rabbits and deer.

Supporting Australian Hunting:

At Hunting Trips Australia, we’re passionate about supporting the vibrant Australian hunting community. That’s why our directory proudly features events organized by local businesses, clubs, and passionate individuals. By choosing these events, you not only enjoy unforgettable experiences but also directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of Australian hunting traditions.