How to get your firearm license in South Australia (SA)

If you’re looking to get a firearms licence in South Australia, there are several steps you’ll need to take. This guide will walk you through the process, including determining the type of licence you need, meeting eligibility requirements, completing a firearms safety course, submitting your application, and waiting for your licence to be processed. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations around owning and using firearms in South Australia, which can be found on the South Australia Police website.

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Step 1 – Type of licence > Step 2 – Eligibility Requirements > Step 3 – Fees > Step 4: Application > Step 5 – Submit application > Step 6 – Application processing > Step 7 – Training > Step 8 – Get photo taken> Step 9 – Interim licence

Step 1: Determine what kind of licece you need:

There are different categories of firearms licences in South Australia, including Category A, B, C, D, H, and R. You can find more information about the different categories, including the types of firearms they cover, on the South Australia Police website:

Step 2: Meet the eligibility requirements:

To be eligible for a firearms licence in South Australia, you must be at least 18 years old and meet certain criteria, such as not having a criminal record or a history of domestic violence. You can find more information about the eligibility requirements on the South Australia Police website:

Step 3: Understand the fees

Before you complete your application you should be aware of the SA firearm licence fees, these will be payable once you’ve completed your application successfully. 

Bellow is a summary of the fees as of 16th March 2023. For update to prices click on the link below.

ChargeRate GST exempt
Firearms licence 1 year: new or renewal. $105.00 
Firearms licence 3 year: new or renewal.$272.00
Firearms licence 5 year: new or renewal.$432.00
Dealer’s firearms licence 1 year: firearms and ammunition.$539.00
Dealer’s firearms licence 3 year: firearms and ammunition. $1,569.00 
Dealer’s firearms licence 5 year: firearms and ammunition. $2,603.00
Dealer’s firearms licence 1 year: ammunition. $159.00 
Dealer’s firearms licence 3 year: ammunition. $432.00 
Dealer’s firearms licence 5 year: ammunition. $708.00 
Variation of licence. $62.00 
Registration of firearm or duplicate certificate of registration. $42.00
Replacement of lost, stolen or destroyed licence. $62.00 
Ammunition permit. $42.00 
Administrative fee for late renewal of a licence. $45.00 
Application for approval as a company’s principal or secondary nominee. $62.00 
Application for international visitor permit. $42.00 
Application for foreign theatrical armourer permit. $42.00 
Application for foreign firearms dealer permit.$42.00 
Application for firearm refurbishment permit. $42.00 
Application for recognition of firearms club. $624.00 
Application for recognition of commercial range operator. $624.00
Application for recognition of paint-ball operator. $624.00 
Application or renewal of accreditation as an accredited paint-ball employee. $42.00 
Application for Ministerial Exemption for Prohibited Weapons (section 21F Summary Offences Act) $56.00 
Fee to witness the transfer of a firearm under regulation 51(5). $32.00 +gst

Step 4: Complete the application form

You can download the firearms licence application form from the South Australia Police website or obtain a paper copy from a police station. Fill out the form with all the required information, including your personal details, the type of firearms licence you are applying for, and details of your firearms safety course completion. You can download the application form from the South Australia Police website using the link below.

Step 5: Submit your application, identification documents and pay fees.

With your application form completed and printed out you will then need to provide this document as well as photocopies of 100 points of identification for certification and your application fee to your nearest police station (see link below) or to the Firearms Branch of the South Australia Police.

You can find more information about how to submit your application on the South Australia Police website:

Step 6: Wait for your application to be processed:

Your application will be processed by the Firearms Branch, which may take several weeks. During this time, you may be contacted by the police for an interview or to provide additional information.

After the deliberation period the South Australian police will send you a letter telling you:

  • to provide further justification if required
  • if your application is approved
  • what training you need
  • who to contact to arrange training.

Note – your application may be denied if you have a criminal history or intervention order against you or if you have a record of physical or mental illness which evidence suggests would exclude from owning or using firearms. It is possible to get a firearm license even under these conditions, however it might involve you to undergo additional application processes and investigation.

If your application is approved, you will receive your firearms licence in the mail. You can then legally purchase and use firearms in accordance with the conditions of your licence.

Step 7: Attend training:

Once you have received your approval letter for a firearms license in South Australia, the next step is to organize and attend the necessary courses as listed in your approval letter. It is crucial to ensure that you attend all required courses and obtain the necessary training certificates before applying for the license.

The training provider will send your training certificate to the Firearms Branch. This will help to ensure that you have the required knowledge and skills to handle firearms safely and responsibly.

Step 8: Get your photo taken

After receiving the data card from the authorities for your firearms license application in South Australia, you need to get your photograph taken at a designated photo point. To do this, you will need to take your data card and 100 points of original identification with you. The photo points are available at Service SA centres and some Australia Post offices. You can find a Service Centre near you and a photo point location on the website. Make sure to take all necessary documents with you to the photo point to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Find a SA Service Centre on the website

Find a photo point location on the website

Step 9:  Interim licence

Once you have attended the photo point to have your photograph taken, an interim firearms license will be issued to you, which will remain valid for up to 90 days or until the photographic license is issued, whichever comes first. This interim license will allow you to legally possess and use firearms during the waiting period before your official license is issued. Make sure to carry this interim license with you whenever handling firearms to ensure that you are abiding by the regulations set forth by the authorities.

Still need more help?

If you’re stuck or need help just contact the South Australian Firearms Branch using the information below.

Firearms Branch
100 Angas Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 7322 3346
Fax: 7322 4182

Please note!

It’s important to note that owning and using firearms in South Australia comes with significant responsibilities, and there are strict laws and regulations around their use. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these laws and regulations and to always prioritize safety when handling firearms. You can find more information about firearms laws and regulations in South Australia on the South Australia Police website:

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