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Want to go in the draw to win a professional hunt each month?

Join the Australian Hunters Club as a Platinum member and go in the draw each month to win one (sometimes two) professional hunting experience each month across the country. This is just one of the benefits of being a member of the club the club.

Membership is available in 3 different tiers.

You can also choose monthly or annual payments. Or purchase a membership for a loved one through a gift card.

The Australia Hunters Club is a great way to connect with other Aussie hunters as well as get benefits you won’t find in other clubs, like hunting product discounts, monthly hunting product giveaways, monthly professional hunt giveaways, free member hosted hunts and events, members directory and much more.

Benefits aside, ultimately men and women join our hunting club because they share our passion and enthusiasm for hunting in Australia and want to connect with like minded people, sharing life together.


AHC membership
$ 5
95 per month
  • Basic membership*
  • Member events & annual camp
  • Free member hunts
  • Exclusive hunting product discounts
  • Access to exclusive hunting resources
  • Members directory
  • 5% discount on club merch


Dual AHC & HSSA membership
$ 12
95 per month
  • Premium membership*
  • Member events & annual camp
  • Free member hunts
  • Exclusive hunting product discounts
  • Access to exclusive hunting resources
  • Members directory
  • 10% discount on club merch
  • Monthly hunting product giveaways
  • Hunting workshops & event discounts


Dual AHC & HSSA membership
$ 19
95 per month
  • Platinum membership*
  • Member events & annual camp.
  • Free member hunts.
  • Exclusive hunting product discounts.
  • Access to exclusive hunting resources.
  • Members directory
  • 15% discount on club merch
  • Monthly hunting product giveaways.
  • Hunting workshops & event discounts
  • Chance to win 18 professionally guided hunts, courses & adventures each year.
  • Discount on selected Hunting Trips Australia listed guided hunts & courses.

under 18 years old?

No problem, join as a Junior member!

Join as an annual member on any tier & get a free members patch valued at $20.

still not sure?

try a 90 day free trial

This month's guided hunt & gear giveaways

Each month platinum and premium members can go in the draw to win a professionally guided hunt or hunting product giveaway.

connect with other members & hunt with us

latest free member hunts

New members directory

Through our ‘opt in’ directory members can easily create a profile and find other members based on their location, sex, interests, age, preferred species to hunt, experience, hunting style or whether or not they have access to private property. Once you’ve found someone you want to connect with it’s easy to send them a message via the form on their profile. Profiles only show basic information so that members privacy and contact information is protected. Access to the directory is available via all membership tiers.

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What makes our club different from all the other Australian hunting clubs ?

  • We are people focused.
    Member lead events and hosted hunts, camps & BBQs all across the country, our club is one that prides itself on forming relationships.
  • We are value focused.
    We give away tens of thousands of dollars of professionally guided hunts and hunting products every year through our giveaways.
  • We are growth & mentoring focused.
    We are a community that values learning and education. We exist to sharpen each others skills, knowledge and values. We connect members via our online directory and showcase their victories via our harvest and trophy register.
  • We are big and we are small.
    We have members in every state and territory of Australia who regularly meet in small pockets of community. We don’t have state branches which often leads to tribalism. Just naturally formed communities.

Monthly guided hunt & product giveaways.

All eligible members automatically go in the draw each month to win professional hunting experiences as well as hunting products. Hunts take place all over Australia and can be transferred and gifted to a non members as well! You can checkout this months giveaways below.

Monthly or annual payment options.

Choose either a monthly or annual payment plan and only pay for what you use. Payments are automatically debited from your nominated credit card each period so you don't need to worry about keeping up with payments. You can also upgrade or downgrade whenever you want and only pay the difference.

Free members hunts & events.

Any members can host and attend other members free hunts or events through our Host A Hunt  and Host an Event programs. This is a great way for new members to meet other local hunters (we have members in every state of Australia), create lasting friendships as well as get access to private property and new hunting spots.

Hunting discounts.

Club members have exclusive access to discounts on hunting products from a large range of online hunting retail stores, hunting magazine subscriptions, hunting apps, hunting services, custom hunting clothing manufactures & hunting courses that you can't find anywhere else. The best news is that new discount partners are joining all the time so the value only increases over time!

product & course discounts

Below is a list of exclusive hunting retail discounts that our available to our  members.

guided hunt discounts

Below is a list of exclusive guided hunt discounts that our available to platinum members.

Discounts are subject to change.