2022 Members Muster

Hosted by: Australian Hunters Club

Starts: 28/10/2022 3:00 pm
Victoria, Australia

Event information:

Basic information

  1. Event times: Arrive Friday afternoon on 28th October – depart Sunday morning 30th October.
  2. Location: Razorback Hut & Camping area.
  3. Public access: note that both the hut and surrounding camping site are open to the public. The venue cannot be booked out. For this reason we ask that you be considerate of other people who may be using the site. The site is regularly used by hikers, four-wheel drivers and horse riders as well as hunters.
  4. Event agenda: presently there is no formalised agenda for the event, it’s just about meeting other club members, socialising and enjoying a relaxing weekend away. 

Access / road

From Mansfield follow the Mt. Buller Rd to Mirimbah. Turn left onto Mt. Stirling Rd and follow to Telephone Box Junction. Continue Straight-ahead on Circuit Rd for 3kms, then turn left onto Razorback Hut Tk.

The road into Razorback hut is suitable for small-medium size vans and camper trailers. There is large areas around Razorback hut to easily set up your van or camertrailer.

Accommodation / camping

You have a few different options when it comes to accomodation at the event,

  1. Camping: you can set up camp on the surrounding grassy areas outside the hut in a tent or swag.
  2. Bunk house:  you can sleep in the bunk hut which is suitable for up to 20 people. 
  3. Campervan: you can bring along your camper van and sleep in that.

Note that sleeping arrangements in the bunk hut are severed on a first come first serve basis. There is no guarantee that bunks will be available. Given the venue can also be accessed by the public, if your planning on using the bunks we recommend that you bring along a swag, tent or alternative sleeping arrangement along as well, just in case.

Food, water and cooking

You will need to bring your own food and water for the event. The venue does not have access to clean water.

The site does have an external fire pit that can be used for cooking, and the main hut has 2 large open fire places that can also be used.

The site does not have gas or BBQ facilities. 

Showers and toilets

The site does not have toilet or showering facilities. Please make sure you bring along a shovel and bio degradable toiletries. 

Alternatively, if you bring along non bio degradable toiletries (like wet wipes) you will need to take this rubbish away with you.


You will need to take away any rubbish you create during your stay.

Behaviour and values

It is important that while attending the event you are considerate of others and behave in an appropriate manner.

Inappropriate behaviour (recklessness, abuse, disrespect, violence, slander, racism, sexism or unlawful behaviour) during this event may lead the suspension or termination of your club member (see iv. Account Suspension and Termination – terms and conditions).


The annual members muster is a social event, it’s not a hunting event. The Hunting Trips Australia club will not be facilitating or organising hunts during this event.


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Indication of accommodation I will be camping in a tent or swag.I will be bringing my caravan or soft-top.I plan on using the public bunks, but will have a backup tent or swag if they are full.Other

Basic information

Starts: 28/10/2022 3:00 pm
Ends: 30/10/2022 10:30 am
State: Victoria
Cost: Free


Hosted by: Australian Hunters Club

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