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About Hunting Trips Australia

Are you looking for your next Australian guided hunt, safari, hunting property or course? Well, your life just got a hell of a lot easier. For the first time there’s an Australian website which lists all of Australia’s hunts in the one place,

Hunting Trips Australia exists for one simple purpose, to connect Australian hunters with the best local hunting experiences Australia has to offer. It’s the first of its kind in Oz, a single website that pulls together Australia’s best hunts all in the place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned trophy hunter, a generalist hunter seeking a new adventures or a greenhorn looking for mentoring and skill development opportunities, Hunting Trips Australia provides everyone with quick and easy access to Australia’s best outfitters, guided hunts, hunting ranches, safaris, hunting properties and hunting courses, free of charge.

For the new hunter the website offers the opportunity to connect with our countries best hunting mentors, to deepen skills and hunting knowledge. For the hunting generalist it’s never been easier to quickly research and plan the next unique hunting adventure, with the ability to find the most suitable hunt in minutes. For the trophy hunter, Hunting Trips Australia provides an excellent platform to vet and discover Australia’s premium trophy outfitters and safaris.

Hunting can be quite an isolating sport, one that’s difficult to break into and to build and gain knowledge through, especially for the new hunter who isn’t affiliated with a club or doesn’t know other hunters.

A hunter can spend years and years scoping out locations, covering hundreds of kilometers of country and glassing every inch of the bush (which we all should still do, mind you), learning very little. I believe that there is value in teaching, training and empowering Australian hunters of all skill levels, through access to information.

In fact, I believe we have an obligation as stewards of this country’s amazing hunting resources to providing hunters with access to information, knowledge, skills, and ethics for the betterment of hunting in Australia. If we don’t help grow and mentor hunters, then who will? If we want to see positive hunting culture permeated and preserved in and through Australia, then we need to take the training and mentoring of new hunters seriously.

Hunting Trips Australia features the best and most experienced outfitters and trainers our country has to offer. Nowhere else online will anyone find Australia’s guided hunts, safaris, courses, hunting properties and ranches pulled together in the one place. For the Australian hunter who is serious about gaining hunting knowledge, building skills, finding new experiences, building their ethical framework or bagging that once in a lifetime trophy, Hunting Trips Australia becomes a power tool.

So if you’re looking for your next hunt, or you run a hunting business and want to increase your reach, you should head over to It’s free for businesses to list on, and free to use.


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